Meaning of Neha (Hindi; English; Urdu)

neha name meaning, name numerology

‘Neha’ Meaning:  Love; Affectionate; Rain; Loving

Facts about the name: Neha

Language of origin of the name Neha: Hindi

Neha is a gender-specific name for Girl.

Lucky colours for the Neha named girl are Pink and Blue.

Rashi (Moon sign) for Neha: Scorpio (Vrishik)

Nakshatra (Star): Anuradha


Destiny Number for NEHA (Name Numerology):

Name Numerology table:


From the name numerolgy calculator table we can calculate:

N [5] + E [5] + H[8] + A[1] ==> 19=>1+9=>1+0=> 1

Hence Neha’s destiny number is : 1

Letter Analysis: Meaning of  ‘NEHA’:-


You have a great ability in life and great common sense. Your predictions and intuitions are mostly right.


You have quite a complicated emotional world. Sometimes you can be happy and sad at the same time.


You remain calm even when things go wrong. You prefer an ordinary life.


You are quite a reasonable person and have a strong sense of analyzing life.

neha meaning

Our destiny and character analysis for Neha:

The name Neha gives you Independence, Confidence and self-assurance.

Neha loves money and is quite shrewd where the money is concerned.

Persons with 1 as their destiny number are quite clever and clannish.

You are quite generous when comes the matter of your loved ones.

You have a nice welcoming nature for your relatives.

Neha has a great leadership trait and a strong characteristic of Individuality. Therefore it is quite difficult for you to submit to other’s directions.

You love to challenge other’s concepts and hence you create your own ideas and pioneer your new lines of thoughts.

Your sincerity and honesty earn you respect from others.

Neha is a caring and good-natured girl but still, her direct and blunt way of expressions sometimes creates some strains in her friendship.

Although you don’t tolerate interference in your affairs but you do try to interfere in other’s affairs.


There might be health problems centred to head and there are chances that you could suffer from Headaches, Head tension, Head cold and Sinus congestion.

Should I name my baby girl ‘NEHA’ ?

Yes. Its a simple and sweet name with a nice meaning. You should also keep in mind that Neha is a common name these days. If that is fine to you, you should definitely go for it.

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