Meaning of Lavanya [English, Hindi, Urdu]

‘LAVANYA’ Meaning: 

Beauty; Grace

Facts about the name: LAVANYA

Language of origin of the name Lavanya: Hindi, Sanskrit, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu

Lavanya is a gender-specific name for ‘GIRL’

Lucky (Auspicious) colours for Lavanya named girl are Violet and Red.

Rashi (Moon sign) for Lavanya: Aries (Mesh)

Nakshatra (Star): Ashwini

Auspicious Stone: Ruby

Auspicious metal: Iron, Copper


Destiny Number for LAVANYA (Name Numerology):

Name Numerology table:


From the name numerolgy calculator table we can calculate:

L[12] + A[1] + V[22] + A[1] + N[14] + Y[25] + A[1] ==>76==>7+6==>1+3==> 4

Hence Lavanya’s destiny number is: 4

Letter Analysis: Meaning of  ‘LAVANYA’ :-


You are highly talented. You can have talents and skills in various fields like sports, art and education.


You have a great skill in analysing life. You are quite a reasonable person.


You don’t give a fuck what anyone is thinking about you. You cannot be affected by anything.


You have a great skill in analysing life. You are quite a reasonable person.


Your common sense is great. You can predict things much before they happen.


You have a strong vindictive personality. You never forget the past. Your vindictiveness can be a great advantage for you sometimes. So use it carefully!!


You have a great skill in analysing life. You are quite a reasonable person.

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Our destiny and character analysis for “Lavanya”:

Lavanya’s motto is ” Live and let live”.

Your name “Lavanya” gives you a desire for ‘self-expression’.

You would never embarrass yourself in public. You know pretty well, how to save your face.

You always desire to keep a well-ordered life. Even though you are quite thorough and exacting in your life goals or whatever you decide to undertake, it will not be that easy for you to maintain the order and the system you would like. 

Lavanya is friendly in nature. But because of the difficulty in expressing yourself, you are unable to enjoy that complete ease in any association.

There might be a conflict between your desires and expressions which will not allow scope for your capabilities.


You have a sweet tooth. You enjoy sweets and other rich junk foods and meat. You might develop skin disorders or intestinal trouble or growths.

You may also create frustration or repression due to the feel of lack of fulfilment


Should I name my baby boy ‘LAVANYA’ ?


‘Lavanya’ is a simple and easy to spell the name with a nice meaning. It is also modern and not so common name. I think naming your girl ‘Lavanya’ will be the best gift for her.

cute baby lavanya playing

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