Meaning of Abhishek [English; Hindi; Urdu]

‘ABHISHEK’ Meaning: 

Ritual; Anointing; An auspicious bath for a deity; Shower of milk/water over an idol

Facts about the name: ABHISHEK

Language of origin of the name Abhishek: Hindi, Sanskrit, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu

Abhishek is a gender-specific name for ‘BOY’

Lucky colours for Abhishek named boy are Pink and Blue.

Rashi (Moon sign) for Abhishek: Aries (Mesh)

Nakshatra (Star): Krittika


Destiny Number for ABHISHEK (Name Numerology):

Name Numerology table:


From the name numerolgy calculator table we can calculate:

A[1] + B[2] + H[8] + I[9] + S[19] + H[8] + E[5] + K [11] ==>63 ==> 6+3==>9

Hence Abhishek’s destiny number is: 9

Letter Analysis: Meaning of  ‘ABHISHEK’:-


You are a reasonable person with a strong sense of analyzing life.


You are very optimistic and have quite a strong vision of the future. You see things with hope and remain positive throughout, holding on to the hope and never let it go.


You remain calm even when things go wrong. You prefer an ordinary life.


You are a soft-hearted and emotional person. You are very sensitive and your heart can be broken easily


When you have fun you like to take it to a great level.  You like to imagine things.


You like to live an ordinary life. You remain calm even when the things go wrong and that’s your natural ability.


Sometimes you can be happy and sad at the same time and never recognise it. You are having a complicated emotional world.


You are well known in the neighbourhood. You are quite successful in love and business.

abhishek swag

Our destiny and character analysis for Abhishek:

Your name Abhishek has created a most idealistic and inspirational nature.

You are remarkably skilful, flexible, clever and erratic genius.

Abhishek is original and inventive. You have the ability to solve the most difficult problems quite easily.

You are the kind of person who wants to do things now, and if you cannot start that immediately, you get discouraged and leave the project sometimes.

You tend to look down at others while making your decisions. Although you are quite good at making decisions.

Normally you are stable in your personal life, but you may experience some problems in business affairs.

You are an understanding and sympathetic individual. People with problems come to you for some comfort and constructive assistance and advice.

You love your family, people and home. You are quite a responsible person for humanity.


You have a tendency to assume a burden of responsibility for others due to which you get into stress, worry and undue concern.

You might show tension in the nervous system brought on by worry.


Should I name my baby boy ‘ABHISHEK’ ?

Yes. Its a simple and easy to spell the name with a nice meaning. But you should also keep in mind that Abhishek is a common name these days. If you are fine with that, you should definitely go for it.

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