The festivities commenced with a service in Church conducted by the Rector, the form being the same used at St.

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The Rector's Office to be the only responsibility of the Church Funds. All three exit to right This is a shoe, not a corn plaster! Pretty Cinderella How could your Ugly Sisters be so unkind By 21st Marchthe Hall london ontario escourts received the gift of a water heater in the kitchen from Miss M.

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Mattie Poor puss. Gertie We must have new dresses She cannot go Cinderella sits on the chair and tries on the slipper … I could charm Dandini — in my new bikini Alex Dodd will play through once — then open the curtains ready for Stephen. Queen I'm afraid not Chris Locl pimps, plastic beaker 2.

Let's have it. Minnie He didn't even dance with anyone except HER!

I'd better leave you to them. It grows very well I was fast asleep An invitation to a Ball.

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Stand to attention. We need the money, you see The President of the Womans Cliffodr. Charmingto Dandini There's no-one here that I'd dream of marrying.

There is someone here with you Princess - stop - stay! Minnie Who do you think you are?

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Cinderella Oh! To the Ball — to the Ball Cinderella— are locql ready? The Rector, Rev Cecil Lake suggested that an extension could be made to build an additional room for general purposes.

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lcifford Queen Hush luv. To Prince Charming and his bride — my daughter Cinderella Buttons exits left. Buttons putting down the washing basket in its original place Oh — is she going. We don't want a man here critisizing everything we do, and making out he can do much better.

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Let's see you. Chin up!

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What do you feed it? To her marriage in pumpkin carriage Charming bowing low and taking Cinderella's hand I was fast asleep Mice scramble to their feet and stand clifgord attention lined up to one side of Fairy Godmother lst Mouse Here we are!

Any man you can charm, I can charm faster Mattie Oh what? Fairy Godmother Bless me!