Indian Baby Boy Names Starting From D and Dha

Baby Boy names from D with meaning

The Zodiac-Signs (Raashi) associated with the Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting from D are as follows:

1.Cancer (Karka)             Cancer Sun-Sign, Hindu Baby boy names

  • Baby birth date: June 22-July 22
  • Personality traits of the baby: Emotional, Nurturing, Sympathetic, Sensitive, Very artistic
  • Baby Boy Names starting from D and (He, Hi, Ho, Hu) are considered to be apt and lucky for babies born under Cancer Sun-Sign.

2.Sagittarius (Dhanu)                 Names for baby boy starting with D, Sagittarius Sun-Sign

  • Baby birth date: November 22-December 21
  • Personality traits of the baby: Love their Freedom, Philosophical, Good Humoured, Intellectual Curiosity, Optimistic
  • Baby Boy Names starting from D B, Ph, Ta and (Ye, Yo) are considered to bring good luck for the babies born under this sign.

3.Aquarius (Kumbha)           Aquarius Sun-Sign, Hindu Baby Boy

  • Baby birth date: January 20- February 18
  • Personality traits of the baby: Honest, Loyal, Friendly, Life of Party, Independent, Free Thinkers.
  • Baby Boy Names starting from D (Ge, Go) and (Sa, Se So) are believed to bring good luck and prosperity for an Aquarian baby and his/her family.

3.Pisces (Meena)         Pisces Raashi, Hindu baby boy names from d and dha

  • Baby birth date: February 19- March 18
  • Personality traits of the baby: Sympathetic, Kind, Compassionate, Selfless, Excel in Creative arts, Highly imaginative
  • Baby Boy Names starting from D Ch, Jh, Th and Ya are believed to be most suitable and lucky for a Piscean baby boy and her family.

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Here is the List of Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting From D and Dha:

Baby Boy NamesMeaning
DaevenLittle black one
Daakshit/ DakshithLord Shiva
DaipayanWho is born in an island
Daanish/ DanishFull of knowledge and wisdom; To be clever
Devansh/ DaivanshFrom God's family
Daarshik/ DarshikPerceiver
DaivatPowerful; Divinity; Heart of the God
DahanaA Rudra
DaksheshLord Shiva
DaivyaHeavenly; Divine; Wonderful
DaiveyDearly loved
DakshakAble daughter/ son
Dalajit/ Daljeet/ DaljitWinning over group
Daivik/ DaiwikDivine; By the grace of God; Relating to Gods
DakshiSon; The glorious one
Daksh/ DaxVigorous talented; Capable; Son of Lord Brahma
DakshyaCleverness; Efficiency; Honesty
DakshinSouth direction; Talented; Sincere; Clever
DandakA forest
DalpatiCommander of a group
DalsherBrave; Bold
DanavarshRain and wealth
DalynTrue Love
DantaCalm; Lord Hanuman
DamanSelf controlled; Conquering
Danbir/ Danbeer/ DanvirCharitable
Darahas/ DarahaasSmile
DhanushA bow
DarpadLord Shiva; One who walks in the path of righteousness with a sense of self-respect
DarshanVision; Observation; Knowledge
DarpitOur reflection
DarpakGod of Love; Kamdev
DarshHandsome; Lord Krishna; Sight
DarshatRadiant; Handsome; Making things visible
Darshit/ DarshithDisplay; Signs
Darshee/ DarshiBlessings; Lord Krishna
Dasan/ DashanHaving a style in everything; Ruler
Darsheel/ DarshilPerfection; Something that looks good and sober
Dasharath/ DasharatFather of Lord Rama
Daruk/ DarukaDoodar tree; Charioteer of Lord Krishna
Devajyoti/ Devjyoti/ Devjyothi/ DebjyotiThe brightness of the Lord
DashananTen headed; Ravana
Daveena/ Deveena/ DevinaBeauty
DatteyLord Indra
Dasmay/ DasmayaHandsome; Beautiful
DevanFood offered to God; Like a God; Holy
Dattatri/ DattatrayIncarnation of Lord Vishnu
DayadaInheritor; Son
DaveerSmart; Brave
DayalanHe was a blacksmith with supernatural powers
Dayakar/ DayakaraCompassionate; Merciful Lord Shiva
Debarya/ DevaryaDivine
DayalKind hearted
Debashish/ Devashish/ DebashisPleased by the God; Benediction of God
DayanandOne who is merciful; A king
Dayasara/ DayasarEmbodiment of kindness
Deepen/ DeependraLord of lamp; Name of a poet
DeepanLighting up; Brilliant
Debjit/ Debjeet/ Devjeet/ DevjitOne who has conquered the God
Deepanshu/ DeepanshPart of light
Deemanth/ Deemant/ Dimant/ DimanthWise
Deepak/ DipakEarthen lamp
DeepA lamp; Light
Dilip/ DeelipBig hearted ; Lamp; Protector
DeependuBright Moon
Deepankar/ DipankarOne who lights lamp; Brightness
DeepitMade visible; Lighted
Deeptiman/ Deeptimoy/ Deeptimay/ Diptiman/ DiptimayLustrous
DeeptenduBright Moon
Deepesh/ DipeshLord of light
DevagyaWith knowledge of God
DeepuLight; Flame
DekshitInitiated; Prepared
Diwakar/ DeewakarLord of light; The Sun
Devdoot/ DevdutMessenger of God
DevayumnaThe glory of God
Devdas/ DevadasServant of God
DenishJoyful; Happy
DevdattGift of the God
DeshikGuru; One who shows path
Deven/ Deben/ Devain/ Devak/ DevalDivine
DeshvaLeader; Lord Shiva
DevadhipaLord of the God
Dev/ Deva/ DebGod; Heavenly; King
DevajBorn of the God; From God
Devansh/ Devaansh/ DevangPart of God; Divine
Devadars/ Devdarsh/ DebdarshWorshiper of God
DevarpanOfferings to the God
DevanandThe joy of God
DevendraGod Indra
DevapadDivine feet
Devaraj/ Devraj/ Debraj/ DevrajuKing among the Devatas; Lord Indra
DevapiAn ancient king
Devarsh/ DevdanGod's gift
DevapriyamDarling to God
Devavrat/ DevvratAnother name of Bhishma; Oat of God
Devarshee/ DevarshiTeacher of the God
DevayanNeeding to the Gods
DevaryaDivine belief
DevyaDivine power
Devdath/ DevdatGod has given
DeveshwarLord of all Devas; Lord Shiva
DevdeepLamp lighten for God
DevguruTeacher of the Gods
Devendram/ Devesh/ Devindra/ Devnath/ DevrajLord Indra; King of all devatas
DevyanChariot of God; Serving to God
DevsenaArmy of Gods
Dhyan/ DhyaanConcentration
DevyashPart of God
Divyam/ DevyamDivine
Dakshesh/ Dakshith/ DakshitLord Shiva
DharmendraDharma Dev; Lord Indra
DhaivikGood strength
Dhaneesh/ Dhanesh/ DhanishLord of wealth
Dhanishth/ Dhanvant/ Rich
DhanWealth; Money
DhanvinLord Rama
DhananjayWinning wealth; Lord Krishna; Victorious over worldly objects
DhananjayOne who wins wealth
DhanvithLord Shiva
DhanrajLord Kuber
Dharamvir/ Dharamveer/ DharambirOne who gets victory on religion
DharmenduLight of religion
DharendraKing of the earth
DhareshLord of land
Dharmee/ Dharmi/ DharmilReligious
Dharnish/ DharneeshOne who rules the earth
DharmikOne who follows religion; One who does charity for religion
DharmishtLord of religion
DharmeshMaster of religion
Dhaval/ Dhavan/ Dhawal/ DhawanPure; Fair complexioned; Handsome
DheerPatient; Wise
Dheeraj/ DhirajPatience
Dheeman/ Dheemant/ DhimantWise; Learned
Dheeran/ DhiranDevoted; Achiever
Dinkar/ DhinkarThe Sun
DhilanSon of waves
DhirenOne who is strong
DhirendraGod of courage
Dhipin/ DipinExciting
DilkashAttractive; Fascinating
Dhrishat/ DhrishayBold, courageous and visionary
Dishith/ DilshitMind
DronaTeacher of Arjun
DhritiPatience; Value; Courage
DhritilA man with patience
DhrutavConstant; Pole star; The immovable
Drushya/ DrishyaGood eyes
DhruvamCertainly; Heaven; Eternally
DhruvPole star; Immovable
DhruvanshPart of polar star
DhruvakFirm; Stable; Eternal
DhruvavThe immovable
Dhruval/ DhruvanA star, Pole star
DhruvinGreat person
DhruvpadOldest style of north Indian classical
Dhruven/ DhruvishConstant; Polestar
DushyantDestroyer of evil
DhruvitHappy; To observe
Dhvanya/ Dhwanit/ DhvanitSound
Dhvanil/ DhwanilSound of wind
Dhvansh/ DhvansDemolish
Digant/ DiganthHorizon
Dhyan/ DhyaneshMeditation; Reflection
DigneshLord of direction
DijeshOne who rules by the day
Dikshan/ Dikshith/ DikshitInitiation; Prepared
DigvijayOne who is victorious over everyone
Dilveen/ DilvinDivine
Dinanth/ Deenanth/ Deenant/ DinantProtector; Lord of the poor
DinpalThe Sun; Protector of the helpless
Deepanjan/ DipanjanKajal made of the earthen lamp's charcoal
Dinesh/ DinendraLord of the day; The Sun
Dinapati/ Dinkar/ DinrajThe Sun
Dipan/ DipankarOne who lights lamps; Lighting up
Dipanshu/ DiptanshuThe Sun
DipraBrilliant; Bright
DipayanLight of a lamp
Divaan/ DivanRoyal court
Dishaan/ DishanThresher; A species of Gazelle
DivanshSun's particle
Dishank/ Dishant/ DishanthHorizon; Sky
DivyankPart of light
Dishen/ DivakarThe Sun; Suryadev
Divyansh/ DivyanshuThe Sun; Divine light
Divjyot/ DevjyotDivine light
DivyangDivine body
DivyarajExtraordinary; Brilliant
DivneshThe Sun
DivyeshThe Sun
Divyant/ DivyanthHandsome
DreshalSon of Lord
DravidLandlord ; Wealthy
Drishaan/ DrishanOne who fulfills all dreams
DulalDear one; Lovable
DurjaThe invincible
DurijeshThe moon
DrishnuCourageous; Bold
DushalFun; Resolute
Durjaya/ DurjayDifficult to conquer
DurvishOne who cannot be affected by poison
DurvanshOne who lives far
DurkeshFrom Goddess Durga
DurvashaA powerful Rishi (Sage)
Durvank/ DurwankGifted friend
DvimidhaOne who knows present as well as future
Dwaraka/ DwarikaCapital of Lord Krishna's kingdom
DushtarUnconquerable; Irresistible; Excellent
DwaipayanThe sage Vyasa
DushyantA king from the epic Mahabharat
DwijainThe moon
Dwarakesh/ DwarkeshLord Krishna
Dwijraj/ DwijendraThe moon; King of Brahmins

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