Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting from O

hindu baby boy names starting from O

Being a parent is a job of great responsibility. You have to take care of so many aspects of your child’s upbringing. The first in the list is naming your baby. While naming your baby you must consider a list of points, so that your baby will not face any hardships pertaining to his/her name. Like if you name your child with a very cute and kiddish kinda name, he/she will be teased in his/her class and also it will not look good on the resume when he/she will grow up. We have prepared a list of such points considering all the aspects which will help you name your girl with the best baby name starting with o or with other alphabets. Clicks here for tips and tricks of naming your baby

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Checkout Hindu Baby Names for Girl

If you don’t believe in astrology, it’s not compulsory to have your baby girl name starting from a specific initial. You should do proper research and select the best Hindu baby girl name starting from O or other alphabets. You may go through our website also. We have prepared the best collection of unique and modern Hindu baby names with meaning.

If you believe in astrology, you should be more strict with your baby names initials. You should consult your astrologer or do proper research on the Internet to get the best initials according to her sun-sign.It is believed that naming a child based on his/her zodiac sign brings her good luck and prosperity.

Following are the sun-signs associated with the Hindu baby girl names starting from O:

1. Taurus (Vrishabha) Hindu baby girl name starting with O, taurus sun-sign

  • Baby birth date: April 20- May 20
  • Personality traits of the baby: Loyalty, Devotion, Very kind, Reliable, Stubbornness
  • Baby Girl Names starting from O, I, U, E, (Wa, We, Wi, Wo) are considered to be the best for a Taurus baby girl.


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Here is the List of Unique and Modern Hindu Baby Girl names starting from O with Meaning:

Baby Girl NameMeaning
OidrilaAnother name of wife of Lord Indra
Oeshi/ OishiRose; Divine
OjaswaniAll day singing
OishaniAnother name for young Goddess Parvati
OleviaLike Olive
OjaswitaOne who is symbolic of brightness
OmajaResult of spiritual unity
OmanaA woman
OmaLife giver
OmeraGreat Personality
OmkariReligious word Om
Omvati Having power of Om; Sacred
OmiSound of Universe
Omisha/ OmyshaGoddess of birth and death; Smile
OrzalaBrightness of Fire
OorjaEnergy; Daughter; Nutrition
Oviya/ OviaArtist; Painting
OshmaSummer season
OzzaBaby fawn
OzraVirgin Mary
Om SriCombination of God

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