Baby Girl Names Starting With D

Naming a baby based on his/her Sun-Sign is believed to bring Prosperity and well-being for the baby as well as the family. You should consult an astrologer before naming your tot with the Best Hindu Baby Girl Name Starting with D.Here is a brief idea of Astrology behind the baby girl names starting with D.

The Zodiac-Signs (Raashi) associated with the Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with D are as follows:

1.Cancer (Karka)              Cancer Sun-Sign, Hindu Baby girl names

  • Baby birth date: June 22-July 22
  • Personality traits of the baby: Emotional, Nurturing, Sympathetic, Sensitive, Very artistic
  • Baby Girl Names starting with D and (He, Hi, Ho, Hu) are considered to be apt and lucky for babies born under Cancer Sun-Sign.

2.Sagittarius (Dhanu)                 Names for baby girl starting with D, Sagittarius Sun-Sign

  • Baby birth date: November 22-December 21
  • Personality traits of the baby: Love their Freedom, Philosophical, Good Humoured, Intellectual Curiosity, Optimistic
  • Baby Girl Names starting with D B, Ph, Ta and (Ye, Yo) are considered to bring good luck for the babies born under this sign.

3.Aquarius (Kumbha)            Aquarius Sun-Sign, Hindu Baby Girl

  • Baby birth date: January 20- February 18
  • Personality traits of the baby: Honest, Loyal, Friendly, Life of Party, Independent, Free Thinkers.
  • Baby Girl Names starting with D (Ge, Go) and (Sa, Se So) are believed to bring good luck and prosperity for an Aquarian baby and his/her family.

3.Pisces (Meena)          Pisces Raashi, Hindu baby girl names from d

  • Baby birth date: February 19- March 18
  • Personality traits of the baby: Sympathetic, Kind, Compassionate, Selfless, Excel in Creative arts, Highly imaginative
  • Baby Girl Names starting with D Ch, Jh, Th and Ya are believed to be most suitable and lucky for a Piscean baby girl and her family.

It’s not necessary that everyone believe in Astrology. If you don’t believe much on such things you can name your tot with the Best, Unique and Modern Baby Girl Name starting with E or any other alphabet.

Before starting the name search for your bundle of joy, you should go through some tips and tricks for choosing the best Hindu baby girl names from D, for your bundle of joy. tips and tricks

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Here is the list of Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names starting with D with Meaning :

Baby Girl NameMeaning
DeeptiFull of light
Dyuthi/ DhyuthiLight; Sunshine
DwitiDual; Second
DvitaExistence in two forms; Spiritual
Duma Silence; resemblance
DuaWish from God
DrishaniDaughter of Sun
DoyelA songbird of India Origin
DorothyGift of God
DollyLike a doll
Diyu/ Diya/ DiaEarthen Lamp
DivyanshiPart of a divine power
DivyashreeDivine; Source of wisdom
DivyataDivine Power; Divine light
Divyansha/ DivyanaDivine
DivyakshiDivine Eyes
Divvy/ DivitaVery Bright; Sun like glow
DivishaGoddess Durga
DiptaGoddess Lakshmi
DinikaRising Sun
Divani Madly in love
DimpleA small depression falling on some people cheeks while smiling
DitviDivine Good
Dipashri/ DipashreeLamp
DishaniQueen of all four directions
Disha/ DishiDirection
DishariOne who shows way
DhritiCourage; Morale
Diksheeka/ DikshikhaVery simple and silent
DhrasikaDevi; Goddess
DikshaInitiation; Preparation of a religious ceremony
DigishaDirection of God
DheekshaTeaching; Concentration
DivyaFull of light
DhithiThought; Idea
DheyanshiGod of Meditation
Dharti/ Dharna/ Dharitri/ DhariniMother earth
DarshiniSomeone who is worth watching
DhanashreeGoddess of wealth
Debjani/ DevyaniBeloved; Adorable
DhaneshiHaving great knowledge
DhanavanthiVery quite
DhanyataSuccess; Fulfillment; Money and good luck
DevyaniDaughter of Shankaracharya
DhanyashreeBlessed; Thankful
DevoshriKohinoor Diamond
DhanakDesire for wealth
DevyaDivine power
DeveenaGod's eyes
DevishiChief of all Goddesses
DevalinaLike a Goddess
DemiraDevotee of Lord Krishna
DevajaBorn from God
DelishaOne who stays happy and makes other happy
DevagnyaGoddess Lakshmi
Darpanika/ DarpanaSmall mirror
DevaartiAarti of God
Deshna/ Dishna/ DeeshnaGift
DeenalA sweet girl
DeetyaAnswer of prayers
DeetaGoddess Lakshmi
Deepjyothi/ DeepjyotiLight of the lamp
DeenaVariant of Diana meaning Divine
Deepika/ Deepa/ DeepaliEarthen lamp
DeepakalaEvening time
DebopriyaGod's favorite
DaritreeMother Earth
DakshinaDonation to God or Priest
DaiviPious Soul
DurgaGoddess Durga; Difficult to approach
DanikaMorning Star
DronaSavior of the society
DivyanganaCelestial Woman
DumatiWith bright intellect; A river
DridhaFirm; Fixed
DhruvadeviGoddess of poles
DhenukaA celestial river
Deepanjali/ DipanjaliA lamp for praying
DhulikaPollen of flower
DharaMother Earth
DevinaResembling to Goddess
DevikaMinor deity
DeviDivine; Deity

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