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Indian baby boy names from C and ch

You should name your baby based on their Sun-Sign (Raashi). It is believed that it brings Good Luck and Prosperity in your baby’s life as well as in the family. Always consult your Astrologer before naming your bundle of joy.

Before beginning your name search you should go through some tips and tricks for choosing the best Hindu baby girl names from C, for your bundle of joy. tips and tricks

Here are the Sun-Sign associated with Baby Girl Names starting with C:

1.Aries (Mesha)                Baby Girl Names from C, Aries Sign

  • Baby birth date: March 21- April 19
  • Personality traits of the baby: Boldness, Confidence, Competitive, Independent, Passionate, Goal-Oriented, Idealism
  • Baby Girl Names starting with Cand L are considered to bring good luck for the babies born under this sign.

2. Pisces (Meena)              Baby girl names with C, Pisces

  • Baby birth date: February 19- March 20
  • Personality traits of the baby: Selfless, Sympathetic, Kind, Highly Imaginative,Compassionate, Excel in Creative Arts
  • Baby Girl Names starting with C De, Jh, Th and Ya are considered best for a Piscean baby girl.

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Here is the list of Unique and Modern Baby Girl Names Starting with C:

Baby Girl NameMeaning
ChaitraAries Zodiac sign
ChunniA star
ChitrangadaOne of Arjun's wives
ChitralekhaBeautiful design
ChristinaAnointed; Christian
Chhabi/ ChhaviPicture
ChashmumMy eyes
ChandaniA river; Moonlight
ChandralekhaA ray of moon
Chanchala/ ChanchalRestless
ChandanikaDiminutive; Extremely or unusually small
ChetnaPower of Intellect; Alert
ChandrabaliKrishna's Girlfriend
ChangunaA good woman
ChandrabhagaRiver Chenab
ChandraniWife of the Moon
ChalamaGoddess Parvati
Chaitan/ ChaitanyaConsciousness
ChapalaRestless; Lighting
Charulata/ Charumati/ CharuprabhaBeautiful
CharusheelaA jewel
ChikkuA sweet fruit
ChandrajaDaughter of the moon
Chhavi/ ChhabiReflection
ChetanaPerceptive; Consciousness
ChakoriA bird enamored(to be filled with love for) of the moon
CheshtaTo try
ChitraniRiver Ganga
ChitraliA row of pictures
ChishtaA River Tributary
ChitrakshiColorful eyes
ChitraPicture; A Nakshatra
ChinmaiSupreme consciousness; name of Lord Ganesha
ChimayeWonderful; Loved and blessed one; Sent from god
CherryA fruit
ChelseaA London district
ChayanikaThe chosen one
CharviBeautiful lady
ChauntaOne who outshines the stars
CharusmithaOne with a beautiful smile
CharushilaThe beautiful woman
CharulaFeminine variant of Charles meaning Manly
CharuBeautiful; Attractive
ChandikaDiminutive(Small version of) of Chandana
ChannakkaBeautiful lady
ChancyGoddess Laxmi
ChaithraNew Bright light
ChahetiLovely; Lovable for all
ChakriaGoddess Lakshmi
ChemmaniFlawless Gem
ChaitaliBorn in the month of Chaitra
Chellammal/ ChellakumariPrecious Girl
ChahanaDesire; Affection
CauveryName of a river in South India
ChandrakalaBeauty of moon
ChampaFragrant flower
ChameliJasmine flower
ChakshumatiA lady with beautiful eyes
Chaitri/ ChaitaaliBorn in the month of Chaitra

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