Baby Girl Names Starting With B

Naming a baby based on his/her Sun-Sign or Raashi is believed to bring good luck for the child and the family. Here is the astrology behind the Hindu baby girl names starting with B.

Following are the Sun-Sign(Raashi) associated with Hindu Baby Girl Names starting with B:

1.Sagittarius (Dhanu)                  Baby girl names starting with b, Sagittarius (Dhanu)

  • Baby birth date: November 22-December 21
  • Personality traits of the baby: Optimistic, Love their Freedom, Good Humoured, Philosophical, Intellectual Curiosity
  • Baby Girl Names starting with B Dh, Ph, Ta and (Ye, Yo) are considered to bring good luck for the babies born under this sign.

2. Capricorn (Makar)          Capricorn

  • Baby birth date: December 22- January 19
  • Personality traits of the baby: Loyalty, Ambitions, Disciplined, Reserved, Good Sense of Humour
  • Baby Girl Names starting with B (Ga, Ge), (Ja, Je) and Kh are considered to be best for the babies born under this sign.

Before beginning your name search you should go through some tips and tricks for choosing the best Hindu baby girl names from B, for your bundle of joy. tips and tricks

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Here is the list of Unique Baby Girl Names that Start with B with Meaning :

Baby Girl NameMeaning
Bindu/ BindhuA drop; A dot
BhuvanaA human being; The Earth
BhavikaPious; Happy
BreonnaJust pretty
BhauvanaBelonging to the world; A deity
BubbyMy beloved
BharaviThe shining sun
ButhaynaHaving beautiful and slender body
BhadraFair and Happy
Bhavana/ BhavnaSentiments
BraahmiGoddess Durga; A medicinal plant
BharaniOne who fulfills
BhadravatiOne with noble character
BhadraswapnaSeeing good dreams
BadariThe Jujube tree; A source of Ganga
BhadrasomaAs beautiful and noble as moon
BachendriThe sense of speech; Tongue
BipashaA river
BinuCreated with immense power
BilvaniGoddess Saraswati
BindhiyaDew Drop
BhupaliA musical note(Rag) in Indian Music
BhavyashreeSplendid Wealth
BhrithiCherished; Nourished
Bhoomi/ BhoomaMother Earth
BhaumiGoddess Sita
BhavishyaaParent's Future
BhavanyaMeditation; Concentration
BhagavathIntuitive and Creative
BhanuniCharming Woman
BhanujaRiver Yamuna
BhagyaviIn my body
BhuvaFire; The Earth
BhagyashreeGoddess Lakshmi
BhargaviGoddess Parvati; Beautiful
BanhiForest Fire
BawriLoving like a Mad or Can't live without
BavitaThe person who knows future
BarsanaRadhaji's birth-place
BandhaviOne who loves friend and family members
BalamaniYouthful; Tender
BairaviGoddess Durga
BusainaBeautiful Lady
BaheeraDazzling; Brilliant
BaaniMother Earth
BodhiWise; One with perfect knowledge
BisalaSprout; young
BodhanaThe awakening
BhudeviThe god of earth
BisiniA collection of lotus flower
BhramariDancing around
BhutiWealth; Existence
BhumiMother earth; soil
BhumayiProduced from Earth
BhavanikaLiving in castle
Bhanushri/ BhanushreeAs glorious as sun
BhaviniIncluding Emotions
BhavikiReal; Natural
BhanupriyaBeloved of the sun
BhavyakirtiMagnificent creation
BharatiDescendant of Bharat; Indian
BhavantiNow; Charming
BhanumatiLuminous; Glorious
BhanaviDescendant of the sun; Sacred
BhaminiShining; Beautiful
BekuriName of an Apsara; Playing a musical instrument
BakuliLady of the blossoms; Nature
BhalliKind of arrow; a spear
BasantiOf the spring; Excitement
BabitaBorn in the first quarter of the astrological day
BhagirathiAnother name of river Ganga
BelaThe jasmine creeper
Bhadrarupa/ BhadramukhiBeautiful

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