Baby Girl Names From F

Hindu Baby Girl names starting with F

Indian Parents generally believe to name their baby based on Astrology. They used to consult their astrologer before naming their baby girl. An astrologer looks at the Date of Birth, Time of birth and place of birth to generate her Horoscope. In the horoscope, we should analyse the strength of planets to find out which planets are giving positive impacts and which planets are giving negative impacts in the baby girl’s life. By studying these effects of planets the astrologer suggests us the Baby girl name initials. Naming accordingly is believed to bring happiness and fortune to the baby girl and her family.

If you don’t believe in Horoscope, it’s not a problem. Then you should select the best baby girl name starting from F or any other alphabet. Before beginning your name search you should go through some tips and tricks for choosing the Unique and Modern Hindu baby girl names from F, for your bundle of joy. tips and tricks

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Following are the Sun-Signs associated with the Hindu Baby Girl Names From F, based on the Birth dates(For those parents who believes in Horoscope) :

1.Sagittarius (Dhanu)    Hindu baby girl names from F, Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

  • Baby birth date: November 22- December 21
  • Personality traits of the baby: Love their freedom, Philosophical, Highly Optimistic, Intellectual Curiosity, Good humoured.
  • Baby Girl Names starting with F Bh, Ph, Dh, Ta and (Ye, Yo) are believed to bring happiness and fortune to a Sagittarian Baby girl and her family.

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Find the Best and Unique Baby Girl Names from F with meaning in the list below:

Baby Girl NameMeaning
FalakThe sky, Heaven
Falguni, PhalguniBorn in the month of Falgun
FathiConqueror, Warrior
FeralWild, Un-tamable
FawziVictorious, Triumphant
FennaGuardian of Peace
FanhaPassing Away
FreyaGoddess of Love
FulvaName of a flower
FardifaHighly Illuminated, Highly Enlightened
FalviLovable, Cute
FaribaMesmerizing, Charming
FathiyahHappiness, New Beginning
Fullan/ FoolanBlooming
FaridaPrecious Gems
Farheena/ FarheenDedicated as a flower
FananTree's branch
FenalAngel of beauty
FalaknaziThe heavens

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