Baby Boy Names Starting From W

baby boy names from w

Following are the Sun-Signs (Rashi) associated with the Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting From W:

1. Taurus (Vrishabha)(The Bull)taurus sunsign, hindu baby boy names from v

  • Baby birth date: April 20- May 20
  • Personality traits of the baby: Loving and Reliable, Loyalty and devotion, Very kind and Stubbornness
  • Baby Boy Names starting from W (Wa, We, Wi), V (Va, Ve, Vi), I, E, O and U are believed to be the best for your Taurus Baby boy.

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Here is the List of Modern Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting From W with Meaning:

Baby Boy Names Meaning
WaliProtector; Governer
WedantThe scriptures; Vedic method of self realization
WamanShort; Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
WafiqTriumphant; Successful
WadiPeaceful; Calm; Valley
Wafee/ WafiLoyal; Faithful
WanojHappiest being
Wazir/ WajirMinister
WahidUnique; Only
WarisInheritor; Successor
WaqarDignity; Respect
WajihEminent; Notable
WatanCountry; Love for country
WaqasWarrior; Soldier
Wasim/ Waseem/ WashimAttractive; Handsome
WaryamThe brave one
WalterPowerful warrior
WiditKnowledgeable; Famous
WafeeqCompanion; Friend
WaruniLeader of hunters
WasantThe spring season
Wyaat/ WyatWarrior
WassiqLove and kindness
WariamThe brave one
WahidpreetUnique Love
WilliamResolute protector
WarinderLord of the Ocean
WasimbirBrave and handsome
Wasimjit/ WasimjeetGraceful victory

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Baby Girl Names based on Rashi

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