Baby Boy Names From Y

baby girl names from y with meaning

Here are the Sun-Signs associated with Hindu Baby Boy Names from Y :

1. Scorpio (Virushchika)Hindu baby boy names starting from Y with meaning, Scorpio Sun sign

  • Baby birth date: Oct 24-November 21
  • Personality traits of the baby: Charismatic; Powerful; Exciting and sometimes flamboyant, but they also have an emotional side, Passionate; They draw people towards them like a magnet.
  • Baby Boy Names from Y(Ya, Ye, Yu), N and To are believed to bring joy and prosperity to Scorpion babies and their family.

2.Sagittarius (Dhanu)                 Indian Baby boy names starting with Y, Sagittarius (Dhanu)

  • Baby birth date: November 22-December 21
  • Personality traits of the baby: Optimistic, Love their Freedom, Good Humoured, Philosophical, Intellectual Curiosity
  • Baby Boy Names starting from Y(Ye, Yo), B Dh, Ph and Ta are considered to bring good luck for the babies born under this sun-sign.

3. Pisces (Meena)             Indian Baby boy names with Y, Pisces sun-sign

  • Baby birth date: February 19- March 20
  • Personality traits of the baby: Selfless, Sympathetic, Kind, Highly Imaginative, Compassionate, Excel in Creative Arts
  • Baby Boy Names from Y(Ya), C De, Jh and Th are considered best for a Piscean baby boy.

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Here is the List of Unique Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names From Y With Meaning:

Baby Boy Names Meaning
Yuvaan/ Yuvan/ Yuvaansh/ YuvanshYouthful; Young
YuyutsuEager to fight; One of the Kauravas
Yaashk/ YashkDesiring heat
Yaachan/ YachanPrayer
Yaani/ YaniScarlet; Ripe
YaajSacrifice; Worshipper
YaajakSacrificing priest
YadneshSpirit of joy and happiness
Yaashvan/ YashvanWinner
YaamirThe moon
Yaatiesh/ YatieshLord of devotees
Yaamya/ YamyaNight; Lord Shiva
Yadhuveer/ Yaduveer/ Yadunandan/ Yadunath/ YadurajLord Krishna
Yadu/ YadhuAn ancient king
YuvanshYoung generation
Yuven/ YuvrajPrince
YadnyaHoly fire
Yagna/ Yagnya/ YagyaCeremonial rites to God; Sacrifice
YagneshReligious leader
Yagneshwar/ Yagneshwara/ YagneshvarFire
YagnikA person who performs Yagna
Yagyesh/ YajneshLord of the sacrificial fire
Yaj/ YajnSacrifice; Worshipper
YajasWorship; Fame
YajanSacrifice; Worship
YajinReligious; Sacrifice
Yaju/ Yajur/ Yajurv/ YajurvaYajur Veda
YajatDivine; Holy; Sacred
YajusSacrifice; A worshipper
YajvanePerformer of yagnas
YakulBeautiful; Philosopher
Yamajit/ YamajithLord Shiva
Yaksh/ YakshaProtector of forests
YakshinAlive; Living
YamahilLord Vishnu
Yakshit/ YakshithPermanent; Who is made forever; God
YamuraThe moon
YamirThe moon
YanshGod name
Yuv/ Yuva/ Yuvan/ Yuvana/ YuvanavYoung; Vigorous; Teenager
YaraThe bright light
YanishaOne with high hopes
Yashmeet/ YashmitFame
YashasBrilliance; Fame
Yash/ Yashasri/ Yashashree/ YashashriGlory; Victory
YashasvaFull of fame
Yashmit/ YashmeetFamed
Yashaswin/ YashasvinSuccessful boy
Yashit/ Yashith; Glorious and famous; A person who brings fame
Yashawant/ YashwantAlways famous
YashodevLord of fame
YashdeepThe light of glory; Success
YashuCalm; Peace
YusuSon of Abhimanyu
Yashvanth/ Yashvant/ Yashwant/ YashvanthA person who attains glory and fame
Yashodhar/ YashodharaFamous; One who has achieved fame
Yashovardhan/ Yashvardhan/ Yashvardhana/ YashwardhanOne who improves your glory
YashpalProtector of fame
Yuvaram/ YuvarajPrince; Young
YashrajGlory; Fame
YashvasinBeloved and ever popular; Lord Ganesh
YuktProsperous; Skillful; United
Yashveer/ YashvirBrave and glorious
YunayAnother name of Lord Ganesh
Yashvin/ Yashwin/ Yasvin/ YaswinWinner of fame; Lord Krishna; The rising of the sun
Yatharth/ YatharthaTruth; Proper
YupakshThe eye of victory
Yateen/ YatinAscetic (severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.)
YathavanLord Vishnu
YathvikSuccess; Love of God; Traditional
Yateendra/ Yatindra/ YatendraSanyasi; Lord Indra
YatneshGod of efforts
Yatesh/ Yatheesh/ Yatish/ YathishLord of devotees
YatnaPerformance; Energy
YatraSacred journey
YatvikTo succeed; Name of the God of Love
YatnikMaking efforts
YegharajHe is the only king
YavanMingling; Quick
Yaudhaveer/ YaudhavirBrave warrior; Lord Krishna
YavarAugmented by glory
YauvaYoung; Vigorous; Teenager
Yekshit/ YekshithFinisher
YayinSwift; Quick; Lord Shiva
YukinJoyful; Successful
Yeshwant/ Yeshwanth/ Yeshvant/ YeshvanthA person who attains glory and fame
YerrappaRed man
Yoddha/ Yodha/ YodhinWarrior; Victor
YukithanLogical; Courageous
Yeshwi/ Yeshwin/ Yeshvi/ YeshvinFame
YogadhipaThe lord of meditation
YogThe union of the individual soul with universal soul; Uniting
YoganathamLord of Union; Lord Shiva
Yogadeva/ Yogadevan/ Yogdeva/ Yogdevanlord of Yoga
YoganandDelighted with meditation
Yogendra/ Yogender/ Yogindra/ Yoginder/ YogeshGod of yoga (Union of individual soul with universal soul)
Yogeshwar/ Yogeshwaran/ Yogeshvar/ YogeshvaranGod of Yoga
Yogin/ YogishLord of Yoga; Lord Shiva
YujTo concentrate; Companion
Yogit/ YogithOne who can concentrate
YujyaConnected; Allied
YogyaSuitable; Apt
Yojit/ YojithPlanner
YohanGod is merciful
Yoshit/ Yoshith Young; Quiet; Boy
YokshitLord Vishnu; Great Artist
Yudhishthir/ YudhishthiraEldest Pandavas brother
Yuddhajit/ Yudhjit/ Yudhajith/ YuddhajeetVictor in a war
YotakA constellation
YuditNaughty; Natkhat
Yudhavlord Krishna
YugaLord Murugan
YuganYouth; Lord Murugan
Yugandhar/ Yugant/ YugantarEver lasting; Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva
YugalPair; Couple
YugankEnd of era
YugapBest of the era
YuganshPart of Universe
YugeshKing of the era

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