Baby Boy Names From Q

Indian Baby boy names from Q

The Sun-Signs Associated with the Hindu Baby Boy Names from Q are as follows:

1. Gemini (Mithuna)hindu baby boy names starting from Q, Gemini Sun-sign

  • Baby birth date: May 21-June 21
  • Personality traits of the baby: Ambitious, Intelligent, Quickly adapt to the situation, Quick wit, charming, articulate, charismatic individuals.
  • Baby Boy Names from Q, (Ka, Ke, Ku, Ko), A, H and Gh are considered best for bringing good luck for the Gemini baby boy and his family.

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Here is the List of Modern Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names from Q with meaning:

Baby Boy NameMeaning
Qabeel/ QabilAble
Qaadir/ Qadir/ QadeerPowerful; Able
QahtanName of a tribe
Qaanit/ QanitContented; Satisfied
QaimRising; Existing
QadarDivine destiny; To give importance
QamarThe Moon
QamrunThe Moon
QahirBrave; Conqueror; Courageous
Qais/ QaysLover; Firm
Qareeb/ QaribNear
QaidCommander; Leader
Qaseem/ QasimDistributor
Qamirah Moonlit
QaziJudge; Justice
Qawee/ QawiPowerful; Mighty; Strong; One of the names of Allah
QuamarThe moon; Prince
QiwamPop; Support
QayyumSelf subsistent
QuasimOld generation
QazafiOne who lives in vast forest
QudwaExample; Model
QudoosMost holy
QindilLight; Oil lamp
QismatDestiny; Fate
QudsSanctity; Holiness
QudsiSacred; Holy
QudratNature; Pure; Power
QurbanSacrifice; Offering
QutuzType of rock
Qutb/ QutbahPersonality

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