Baby Boy Names From H

Hindu Baby boy names starting from H

Here are the Zodiac-Signs associated with the Hindu Baby Boy Names From H:

1.Gemini (Mithuna)   Hindu Baby name starting with H, Gemini Zodiac Sign

  • Baby birth date: May 21-June 21
  • Personality traits of the baby: Quick Wit, Charming, Intelligence, Charismatic, Ambitious, Articulate
  • Baby Boy names from H A,  Gh, (Ka, Ke, Ko) are considered to bring happiness and prosperity to a baby under Gemini Sun-Sign.

1.Cancer (Karka) Hindu baby name starting with H, Cancer Sun-Sign

  • Baby birth date: June 22- July 22
  • Personality traits of the baby: Sensitive, Nurturing, Very Artistic, Emotional
  • Baby Boy Names starting from H (He, Hi, Ho, Hu) and (Da, De, Do) are considered to bring prosperity and good luck to a Cancer Baby

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Following is the List of Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names From H with meaning:

Baby Boy Name Meaning
HahnThe Himalayan mountain range; Made of Gold
HakeshLord of sound
Haard/ HardMeaning; Heart's feeling
Haarit/ Haarith/ HalikCultivator; Ploughman
HajeshLord Shiva
HaanThe Sun
HamrishHelpful; Lovable
Haneesh/ HanishAmbition; Lord Shiva
Hameer/ HamirA Raga; Wealthy king
HaniPleasant; Delighted; Happy
Hamasaveni/ HansikSwan
Hanuman/ Hanumant/ Hanumanth/ HanumantaThe monkey God of Ramayana
HansMountain; Swan; Pure
Hanshit/ Hanshith/ HansithLike honey; Joy
HansalSwan like; God is gracious
Hansraj/ HansarajKing of Swan
HansinLord Krishna; The Universal soul
HanveshVery soft mind
Harana/ HaranOne who destroys world's sins; Lord Shiva
Har/ HaraLord Shiva; Remover of sins
Hariharan/ HariharVishnu (Hari) and Shiva (Haran)
Harekrishna/ Harigopal/ HarikishanLord Krishna
HaranadhLord Shiva devotee
HargunOne having godly merits
Hardhik/ HardikCordial; Affectionate; Heartful
Hareesh/ Haresh/ Harish/ HareshwarLord Shiva
Hareendra/ Harendra Lord Shiva; A tree
HarikishoreOne who belongs to Lord Krishna
Hariaksh/ Haryaksh/ HaryakshaThe eyes of a Lion; Lord Shiva
HarijThe horizon
HaricharanFeet of the Lord
Harikanth/ HarikaranDear to Lord Indra
Harida/ HaridasServant of Lord Krishna
Harikesh/ HarkeshLord Krishna; Yellow haired
Haridwar/ HaridvarGateway to God
Harideep/ HardeepLord Shiva
HariomBrahman (Universe); Lord Vishnu
HaridraOne who is golden colored
HarilalSon of Lord Vishnu (Hari)
Harinarayan/ Harinarayanam/ HarinathLord Vishnu
HarinakshDeerlike, yellowish eyed; Lord Shiva
HaripreetBeloved of the Gods
HarinaLord Shiva
HariramLord Rama
HarisharanProtection of Hari
HarisaiLord Sai
HarishchandraKing of Surya Dynasty
Harish/ HarishankarShiva and Vishnu conjoined
HaritejaVishnu Tej (Radiance)
HarishvaLord Vishnu and Lord Shiva
Harithik/ Harthik/ Hrithik/ HritikFrom the heart; Love
HarjasPraise of the God
HarivanshBelonging to the family of Hari
Harjeet/ HarjitVictorious
HarivilasThe abode of Hari
HarjeevanOne who lives God oriented life
Harshvardhan/ Harshvardan/ HarshavardhanCreator of joy
HarmendraThe moon
HarnishOne who removes the darkness and spreads light
HarmeshThe God
HarshanandHappiness Forever
HarpitSuccessful; Positive
Harsh/ HarshaHappiness; Excitement; Joy
Harpreet/ HarpritLover of God
Harsal/ Harshal/ HarshamanJoyful; Glad; Full of Joy
HarryArmy man
HarshdaOne who gives joy
HarshivLord Shiva
Harshil/ Harshit/ HarshithCheerful; Joyful; Delighted
Hasan/ HashanPrayer; Songs of worship and praise; Laughter
HarshimFull of Joy
HarunaClean spring leaves
Harshu/ HarshulDeer; Cheerful; Buddha Lover; Gregarious
Hasanth/ HasantOne who delights
HartejRadiance of the Lord
HatishNot greedy; With no desire
Hashvin/ HashwinHappiest boy
HasikDelightful; Smiling; Funny
Hasit/ HasithHappy; Laughing; Delightful
Haswanth/ Haswant/ Hasvanth/ HasvantJoyous
Hasmith/ HasmitEver smiling
Haswith/ Haswit/ Hasvith/ HasvitHappy
HasmukhFull of cheer
Hayaan/ HayanLife
HavanOffering an oblation to fire; Sacrifice
Heemakar/ HimakarBig as mountain
Haveesh/ HavishLord Shiva
HeemalSnow mountain; Ice
HeeranImmortal; Lord of diamonds
HeetrajLovely Raja; Best wishing
Hemachandra/ HemachandranGolden Moon
Hemaprasad/ HemarajKing of Gold
HemakeshGolden haired; Lord Shiva
HemaprakashGolden light
HemanshPart of Gold
HemamdarGolden creeper
Hemanshu/ HimanshuThe Moon
Hemang/ HemangaOne with shining/golden body
Hemant/ HemanthEarly winter; Lord Buddha; Gold
Hemak/ HimankDiamond
HemishLord of the Earth
HemchanderGolden Moon
HemenduGolden Moon
Hemdev/ HemkarLord of wealth; Lord Vishnu/ Shiva
Hemil/ Hems/ HemuGold
Hemen/ Hemendra/ HemrajThe king of Gold
HemitraLord Vishnu
HemkeshLord Shiva; Golden haired
HemnathEarly winter; Lord Buddha; Gold
HemkrishGolden Krishna
HemnandanLord Shiva
HimaghnaThe Sun
HerinHorse- Lord
HerakDivine glory
HerishOne who feels that what he is doing is God's wish; Lord Shiva
Heranb/ HerambaCalm and respected person
HeshiniRising Sun
HetakshExistence of Love
HetavGives Love
Hetansh/ HetarthWell wisher; Rising Sun; Distribute Love
HetsyaAdmirer; Honesty; Sacrifice
HetveerBrave Love
Hetveek/ HetvikLord Shiva
HeyanshPart of Lord Shiva; Heart Pirce
HimachalThe Himalayas
HeymanpreetGod of gold
HimadriThe Himalayas; Snow mountain
HimakshLord Shiva
Himalaya/ HimalayMountain range
HimanjayWinner of snow land
HimajeshConsort of Himaja (Goddess Parvati); Lord Shiva
Himal/ Himanth/ HimantSnow mountain; Ice
Himanish/ HimaneeshLord of Himani (Goddess Parvati); Lord Shiva
Himavanth/ HimavantKing
HimashekharLord Shiva
HimanshPart of Shiva
HimnishLord of mountain; Lord Shiva
HimeshKing of snow
HimirCold; Calm
HimiRenowned; Famous
Hiranmay/ HiranmayaMade of Gold
HiranyakName of a Sage
HindolA swing
HiravLush greenery on Earth's surface
Hiren/ HirendraLord of diamonds; Immortal
HireshKing of Gems
HitenThe heart
HitaishGood person; Well wisher; Faith
HitendraWell wisher
Hitakrit/ Hitansh/ HitarthWell wisher; One who distribute love
Hitik/ HithikMorning; Lord Shiva
Hitesh/ HitheshLord Venkateswara; Lord of goodness
HivanIntelligence; Confident
HiteshwarHeart of Gold
HitrajBest wishing
HithaishinOne who wishes good
HreyanshOne who has a great heart
HiyanshPart of the heart
HrehaanThe one who is chosen by God
Hridaan/ HridanPreference of Heart; Gift of heart
HomeshThe God of Havan
Hriday/ HridayaThe heart
Hridayanshu/ HridyanshuLight from the heart
HridayanathLord of the heart
HridayanandThe joy of the heart
Hridayansh/ HridyanshPart of heart
Hridik/ HritikBeloved; Lord of the heart
HridayeshLord of hearts
Hrihaan/ HrihanLord Vishnu; Destroyer of enemies
Hridesh/ Hridhaan/ Hridhan/ HridanHeart; One with great heart
HrikinGlory; Powerful
Hrithvik/ HritvikDesire; Priest
Hrishikesh/ HrishikeshaOne who controls senses; A pilgrimage place
HrishiRay of light; Sage; Wise; Pleasure
HrishaSaintly; Lord Vishnu
Hritesh/ HritheshLovable
Hrishab/ HrishabhMorality
HritishLord of heart
Hritik/ Hrithik/ HruthikFrom the heart
HruteshLord of springs; Lord of heart
HydayeshLord of hearts
Hriyaan/ Hriyan/ HriyanshWealth
Hruday/ Hrudaya/ HrudyaHeart
Harikishan/ HarekrishnaLord of the nature; Lord Krishna
HariprasadBlessed by Lord Krishna
HarikantDear to Lord Indra
HarinarayanaLord Vishnu
HarshveerDelight; Joy; Happiness

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