Baby Boy Names From G and Gha

Hindu baby boy names from g and gh

Here are the Sun-Signs(Raashi) associated with the Hindu Baby Boy Names From G, based on the Birthdates:

1.Gemini (Mithuna) Hindu baby boy names from G,Gemini Zodiac Sign

  • Baby birth date: May 21-June 21
  • Personality traits of the baby: Ambitiousness, Quick wit, Charismatic, Articulate, Charming, Intelligence, Quickly adapt to any situation
  • Baby Girl Names starting with GA, H and (Ka, Ke, Ko) are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to a Gemini Baby boy and his family.

2.Capricorn (Makara)Hindu baby boy names starting from G, Capricorn Zodiac Sign

  • Baby birth date: December 22- January 19
  • Personality traits of the baby: Ambitiousness, Highly Disciplined, Great sense of humour, Loyalty, Reserved
  • Baby Boy Names from GBh, (Ja, Je) and Kh are believed to bring fortune and happiness to the baby boys born under this zodiac sign

3.Aquarius (Kumbha)Aquarius Sun-Sign, Hindu Baby Boy

  • Baby birth date: January 20-Feb 18
  • Personality traits of the baby: Different from everyone else, Honest, Loyal, Friendly, Free-Thinkers and Independent
  • Baby Girl Names starting with G, (Sa, Se, So) and Da are believed to bring fortune, happiness and good health to the Aquarian babies.

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Here is the Collection of Modern Indian Hindu Baby Boy Names From G and Gha with Meaning:

Baby Boy NameMeaning
GajavakraOne who has mouth like an elephant
Gaalav/ GalavStrong; To worship
GajOrigin; Elephant; Aim
Gadadhara/ GadadharOne who has Gada as his weapon; Lord Hanuman; Bhim
GagneshProfound; Depth
GaganSky; Heaven
Gajadhar/ GajdharOne who commands elephant
GaganeshLord Shiva
GaishCommotion; Temptation
Gajanan/ Gajanana/ Gajananan/ Gajanand/ GajananetiLord Ganesha; One with an Elephant face
GaganvihariOne who stays in heaven
GrahilLord Krishna
Gajendra/ Gajender/ GajrajElephant King
GahinAbout the planets
Gajodhar/ Ganpati/ GajrupLord Ganesha
Gangadhar/ GangadharaLord Shiva; Lord of River Ganga
Gandesha/ Gandhar/ GadharajLord of fragrance; King of fragrance
GambhirSerious; Deep
GananathLord of Ganas; Lord Shiva
Ganak/ GanakaMathematician; An astrologer; One who calculates
GanarajLord of the clan
Gandharva/ GandharvSinger; Divine musician
Ganendralord of a troop
Gangaj/ Gangavar/ GangeyamSon of Ganga; Bheeshm; Lord Murugan
Ganesha/ GaneshLord Ganesh
GrahishLord of the planets
Gangesh/ GangeshaLord of Ganga; Lord Shiva
GangolA precious
GangeyaOf the Ganga
GarimanProfound; Heaviness
GanitMathematics; Numerate; Honoured
Garisht/ GarishitHeaviest
GanjanExcelling; First; Winning
GarulThe vehicle of Gods
Ganpat/ GanpatiLord Ganesha
Garuda/ GarudFalcon; The king of birds
Garvit/ GarveetProud
Gaurav/ GaurabPride; Respect; Dignity
GarvinRugged; Rough
Gauransh/ GaurangA part of Gauri Parvati
GatikProgressive; Fast
Gaurinandan/ GaurisutaSon of Gauri; Lord Ganesha
GaurGiving attention; Beautiful
Gaurikant/ Gaurikanth/ GaurinathLord Shiva; Husband of Goddess Gauri (Parvati)
Gaureesh/ Gaurish/ GaureshLord of Gauri Parvati; Lord Shiva
GaurishLord of Gauri; Lord Shiva
GaurikLord Ganesha; Born to Gauri
Gautam/ GauthamLord Buddha; Remover of darkness and ignorance
GavishtAbode of light
Geetesh/ Gitesh/ GeethamThe Lord of Geeta; Lord Krishna
GayanSong; Praise
GhanshyamLord Krishna; Black cloud
Geet/ GeethPoem; Song
GirikThe inhabitant of mountain; Lord Shiva
GhatotkachSon of Bhim and Hidimba
GyanendraLord of knowledge
GiaGod is merciful; Love
Gian/ GyanWisdom; Divine knowledge
Gireesh/ GirishGod of mountain; Lord Shiva
GirilalSon of mountain
Giridhar/ GirivarOne who holds mountain; Lord Krishna
GirjeshLord Krishna; King of mountains
Giriraj/ GirinathLord of mountain; Lord Krishna; Lord Shiva
Girvan/ GirvenLanguage of God
Gnanesh Knowledge provider
GishnuSynonymous to Lord
Gobind/ GovindLord Krishna
GoganMany rays
GogulaThe Lord of serpents; Lord Krishna
Gopesh/ Gopinath/ GopinathanKing of Gopis; Lord Krishna
GokulThe place where Lord Krishna was brought up
Gokulan/ GokulrajLord Krishna
GopalLord Krishna; Cowherd
GomethakWell known gem
Gaurav/ GoravPride; Honor; Respect
GorakshOne who protects cows; Lord Shiva
GoralCharming; Loving
Goswamee/ GoswamiMaster of cows
GorankFair faced; Bright
Goatham/ GoutamLord Buddha; Remover of darkness
Gauteesh/ Goutheesh/ GautheeshWisdom
GowrakLord Ganesha
GovamGod name
Govind/ GovindaLord Krishna; Cowherd
GovardhanName of a mountain in Gokul
GowshikFreedom; The perfect
GrahitAccepted; Knowledge
GuganMaster of tribes
GranthikAstrologer; Narrator
Gudakesh/ GudakeshaThe Archer Arjun; Possessing thick beautiful hair
GreetishLord Shiva
GunagyaOne who knows and follows virtues
GunaBestowed with qualities
Guhan/ GuhayaName of Lord Murugan
GulmoharYellow and red flowering tree
GulalAbir; Color
GulzarilalLord Krishna
GunadheerVirtue of daring
GulfamColor; Rose faced
Gunaj/ GunajaOf the light; Born of virtue
GunakarAn ancient king
GunaratnaJewel of virtue
GunajiFull of good habits
Gunav/ Gunayukth/ GunayuktEndowed with virtues
Gunalan/ Gunamay/ Gunashekhar/ Gunashekharan Virtuous
GuneetVirtuous; Excellent
GuninaLord Ganesha; Lord of all virtues
Gunavanth/ Gunavant/ Gunvant/ GunvitSense of justice
Gurbachan/ GurubachanThe words of the Guru; The promise of Guru
GunjCohesive; Sound; Well-woven
GuptakProtected; Defended
GunjikHumming; Meditation; Reflection
Gurcharan/ GurucharanThe feet of the Guru
GurjasFame of Lord
Gurdev/ Gurudev/ GurudevaAlmighty God; Diety
GurdayalCompassionate Guru
GurishLord Shiva
GurdeepThe lamp of the Guru
GurmanHeart of the Guru
GurmukhPious man
GurnamName of a Sikh Guru
GurmeetFriend of the Guru
Gurusharan/ GursharanRefuge of the Guru
Gurumurthy/ GurumurthiLord Shiva
GuruMaster; Teacher; Priest
Gurudas/ GurupadaServant of the Guru; Servant of the enlightener
Gururaj/ GururajaLord of Gurus
GuruprasadGift of the teacher
GuruttamThe greatest teacher
GyandeepLamp of knowledge
GyandevLord of knowledge
Gyaan/ GyanWisdom; Divine knowledge
Gyaanav/ GyanavLearned; Wise
Gyanesh/ GyaneshwarGod of wisdom
GyankartikLamp of knowledge; Lord Shiva
GorakhnathSaint of Gorakh community

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