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We have created this list to help Indian Parents in choosing the BEST baby name for their baby boy or baby girl. A name is the best gift parents can give to their newborn as it will stay with the baby for life long. We have created a list of modern baby boy names,  modern baby girl names, cute baby boy names, cute baby girl names and unique ones too. We have updated our collection as per 2020 latest trends. Indian parents believe in naming their child with meaningful names. Specially for them we have created a collection of Hindu baby names for boy and Hindu baby girl names with meaning. India is a melange of various religions and cultures. For Non-Hindu parents, we have created the Unique collection of Indian baby boy names and Indian baby girl names. If your child’s name is big you should also give them a nickname or pet name. Nowadays parents leave no stone unturned in finding the right baby name for their newborn. We have also created the list of baby names based on rashi or astrology. Naming according to Rashi is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Hinduism is not only in India, but our list will also be beneficial for those Hindus parents also living in Nepal, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Fiji, United States. We have included Hindi names, Sanskrit names, Tamil names, Bengali names and  Assamese names. Though we have put the baby names from various sources, but we have cross-checked. For some names, we can’t take the responsibility of authenticity. We are also posting regularly latest parenting tips, maternal healthcare tips and newborn handling tips.

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